Yerba Mate – Is It The Elixir It Is Claimed To Be?

Much has been said about the health benefits of Yerba Mate. Connoisseurs of the drink would say it is the elixir of life. Let us see what the health benefits are and whether the claims are true.

Antioxidants & Nutrients

Yerba Mate contains a high amount of nutrients like the following.


These include Caffeine and Theobromine. They are the ones that give us the stimulation. Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate are rich in these compounds.


These are antioxidants and promotes good health in us.


Proved to anti-inflammatory properties. They also have the tendency to lower our cholesterol levels.


This group of antioxidants is known to reduce the risk of us getting any diseases.

Yerba Mate contains every mineral and vitamin your body needs and it contains seven out of the essential nine amino acids. It has antioxidation power which is higher than that of green tea. However, the quantities of these essential elements are too small to make any major impact on their own.

Boosts Energy & Improves Focus Of Mind

This is one claim that the drink originally became famous for. If coffee or tea can do it for you, then Yerba Mate can too. Yerba Mate contains a little less caffeine than coffee but more than tea. Caffeine is known to give energy and make us feel less tired. It is also proven to improve our mental focus. Caffeine has been proven to improve our alertness, short-term recall and reaction time.

Because of the presence of caffeine, the claims are true

Enhance Physical Performance

Studies have proved that Caffeine improves physical performance. It improves muscle contraction, reduces fatigue and enhances performance in sports activities. Yerba Mate is known to increase the dependence on fat for fuel during exercises. So this will leave the carbs for the high-intensity moments like the finishing surge in a race. That certainly will improve the performance in sports activities.

Weight Loss & Belly Fat Reduction

As it is already mentioned Yerba Mate uses fat for burning during exercises. This means that your weight could get reduced. It is also known to reduce your appetite and improve metabolism. These are two things necessary for weight reduction. Yerba Mate scores high here too.

We have seen that most of the claims made are true. Yerba Mate truly has a lot of good effects on our body. It can certainly be considered a drink to enhance your health.