Why Learn Surfing At All?

The question will certainly sound silly to surfers, but to others, it is a very valid question. Why learn to surf? What are the reasons for one to learn surfing and go surfing regularly putting behind all your other engagements? Let us see some reasons why.

1. Fitness

It is the fun way to keep yourself fit while achieving success when you ride every wave. Surfing gives a total work-out to your body. From paddling to pop-ups or curving wave faces, a surfer will work the upper body and core strength. He would have given work to his hips and improved mobility. Surfing improves your stamina. Your duck dives and hold-downs will give your lungs greater strength. As you become a good surfer you will strive to achieve better success and this will be the biggest motivation to remain fit.

2. Improves Confidence

Most games improve your confidence. But with surfing, there is more danger, fear and physical pain. You cannot stop the game in the middle and take rest. You cannot stop the wave from holding you down as you wonder when you will be able to take the next breath. Knowing that you have just beaten one of the biggest forces of nature will give you the confidence that nothing else gives. There are no planned moves in surfing. The sea plans and you move accordingly.

3. Love And Respect Nature

With such a close interaction with nature and seeing its force up close, you develop a respect for nature. No regular surfer will claim to have tamed a wave. He will only say he went along with the wave. That is the kind of respect you develop. From this comes a passion to keep the environment clean. You will find a lot of surfers who are engaged in keeping the beaches clean.

4. It Is A Great Release

When you are one with the waves and trying to catch one, you forget everything else. All your worldly tensions and pressures are left at the shore. When you surf it is just you and the sea. And the sea doesn’t care who you are. It treats everyone the same way. This is a great feeling to have and shed your unwanted ego and pride.

5. Opportunity To See The World

Surfing will make you travel. You will automatically go in search of the waves. When your sea is flat you start to travel. You enjoy different places and different waves.