Ways To Consume Yerba Mate

There are many ways you can take your favorite beverage. Yerba Mate is consumed in different ways in different countries. Yerba Mate is available in different forms for your convenience. Let us see a few ways to drink this magic potion.

Yerba Mate Tea

This is the most common way to drink the Yerba Mate. It is sold by many companies in the form of loose leaf tea. There is also clear instruction as to how the beverage should be prepared. This is the way it is being consumed traditionally and still the best way to enjoy it. However, the taste will take a little time for you to get used to. But, it is not unpleasant.

Yerba Mate Tea Bags

Many companies are selling Yerba Mate in tea bags for convenience. However, this doesn’t give the full enjoyment of the beverage. As the Mate has to be powdered into a very fine powder it loses some of its flavors and tastes a little dull and old. It is easy to make and drink, but you don’t get the full pleasure. It tastes best when you have the large leaves.

How Much Water To Add

The amount of water you add will depend on how strong you like your tea. Because of the strong flavors, some may like it to be weak. The usual proportion is to have one ounce of Yerba Mate for one cup of water.

The beverage should be made using hot water. But it is never boiled with water. You can have it either hot or cold. Once you make the beverage with hot water all the nutrients are available for you.

Honey And The Mate

Honey is used in sweetening many bitter drinks. It is the same with Yerba Mate. You can add a little honey to make the beverage a little more palatable. However, adding too much will spoil the flavor. It is also not advisable to add honey if you are using Yerba Mate for weight reduction.

Can You Make Mate With Milk?

There is no harm. Just like tea you can add milk to make it tastier. However, you should worry about the health effects of milk itself. It is better to add whole milk or cream to make your Mate.

Tastes differ between people and so the making of Yerba Mate will also differ among people. But as you are taking it more for the health benefits it is better to drink it the original way the Indians did.