Types Of Surfboards

There are various types of surfboards based on their shapes and sizes. Let us see the most common types here.

1. Shortboard

This board, also known as the thruster is for the experts. They are short and are meant for speed, power, and control. They are usually between 5’6” and 6’4” in length. The width of the shortboards is between 16” and 19”. These shortboards usually come with a rounded square tail. This is not the best board for paddling.

2. Fish

These boards are wider than the shortboards with a width between 18” and 22”. These have a swallow tail. The length of these boards is between 5’2” and 6’4”. They are more suited for the small and medium waves. They are also designed for catching waves while maintaining speed. 

3. Gun

These are the long boards which are ideal for catching the big waves or steep waves. They are between 6’ and 10’ long. They are pointed both at the nose and tail. The unique shape helps in paddling long distance to catch the big ones. The name comes from the term “elephant gun” which means this is the gun used by surfers to hunt down the big waves.

4. Longboard

They are the learners’ boards. These boards are usually 8’ – 10’ long. They have a rounded nose. They are also wider than other boards. These boards are easy to paddle. They are much more stable than the other boards and so easy for the beginners. They may not be good on speed, but they are good for hang-fives, drop-knee turns etc. However, they are hard to go through the white water.

5. Malibu

This is also called the Mini-mal. They are like the longboard but slightly shorter and narrower. This allows this board to be used for sharper turns. They usually sport one large fin or three smaller ones.

6. Funboard

These are between 6’6” and 8’0” feet long with a width between 20” and 22”. They are a combination of the longboard and shortboard. They allow for paddling stability while also permitting surfers to do sharp turns. They are good for all conditions and ideal for the less experienced surfers.

7. Foamboard

These are made of foam and ideal for beginners. They make it easy to catch the waves. They are also more stable.

8. Custom Surfboards

A custom surfboard can make a lot of difference in your surfing experience.