Top Surfing Tips For The Beginner

1. Get The Right Gear

The first thing to remember is to have a surfboard that is long and wide. The smaller ones are not for you. They are only for the experts. Depending on your body weight and size you can get a surfboard from 8 feet to 10 feet. It is unwise to try on shortboards when you are learning Even if it is bigger it is okay. But don’t try on the smaller boards in the beginning. Getting one with a soft top will also be good.

Your wetsuit should fit you perfectly. Don’t get a loose-fitting one. It will rub on you and can cause rashes. Even if you get one size tighter it is better than wearing a loose one.

2. Practice Paddling

Unless you master your paddling, you will never become a good surfer. If you don’t master it, you won’t be able to catch the waves. You will also get tired very fast. The muscles at the back, shoulders, and arms, which help in paddling, have to get strong. Only regular paddling practice will help them get strong.

Even when you have started to surf regularly, you should do your paddling as a warm-up. Do your paddling up to the line-up and come back. You should also have good technique while paddling. It is important to get as much force out of each stroke into the paddling as possible. So, you have to dig your arms deeper when paddling.

3. Arch Your Back

Whether you are paddling or surfing you have to keep your back arched. While paddling, keep your head up and back arched. It will help you to see the waves better. It will also help to distribute the weight of your body better on the surfboard. By doing this you can avoid the common problem of nose dive.

4. Placing Your Hands

A common mistake that many beginners do is to grab the rails of your surfboard when you are going to pop up or arching your back. This will throw the board off balance. When you are about to pop up, place the palms on the deck of the surfboard near your shoulders. It will give you more power to pop up and keep the board balanced.

Remember the above tips and you will soon become a great surfer.