Taking Care Of Your Surfboard

Probably the most precious thing in a surfer’s life is the surfboard. Except for the pros who get sponsorships, nobody can afford to keep changing their surfboards often. Even if you wanted to get a new one, you probably sell the old one and try to get as much for it. Whatever be the case it makes sense to take care your surfboard in the best way possible. 

There are some easy ways to take care of your surfboard so that you get the maximum mileage out of it for the money you spent on it. 

Secure It In The Surfboard Bag

This is the first thing to practice. Always keep your surfboard in the surfboard bag. It is not just a cover for the board. It is ample protection for your surfboard. Of course, the main use is when you transport your surfboard from one place to another. But there are other reasons too.

If you check with any ding shop they will tell you that most of the damage happens away from the sea. They are all non-surfing related incidents. Though the surfboard suffers a lot of abuse in water, most dings and cracks happen at the slightest tough out of the water. Your surfboard protects your surfboard everywhere from dings and scratches. It is wise to keep your surfboard in the bag always.

You don’t have to worry about it when you have to grab your board and drop it into your truck and rush to the beach. You don’t have to worry about your surfboard getting damaged.

Always Keep It Safe 

It is quite often that beginners and sometimes even the experienced surfers lean their boards against the car. A strong wind or even a heavy vehicle passing by is enough to tip the board on to the hard concrete. 

It is better to first bag the surfboard before you change from your wetsuit instead of leaning in on your car. It is ideal if you put it in the car. When keeping the board in your garage, use the corner to lean so that it won’t fall to one side. 

General Care

You should keep your surfboard well-maintained always. The first thing to do is to rinse your board as soon as you are out of the water. Though fiberglass is pretty resistant it will also corrode eventually from salt water.

Repair your dings as fast as possible. Dings will let in salt water which will corrode the foam inside. 

Take care of your surfboards so that they give you the best experience for a long time.