Stay Fit To Ride The Waves

Surfing is a highly athletic sport and it requires your body to be fit, flexible, lean and strong. Even for an occasional surfer, these qualities are a must if he or she wants to enjoy the sport to the maximum. If you don’t want to limit the numerous possibilities of the sport, then you should keep yourself fit. There are few exercises that are specifically meant to improve the fitness for surfing.

Front Squats

Squats are an important posture for surfing. Whether you are making a turn or landing a high-speed floater, you need a strong lower body. You also need the joints to be strong and healthy to take you through the various movements. Push the weight to the front of the body to get the correct front squats.

This exercise will strengthen the back too which is essential for paddling. It strengthens the extensor muscles of the spine which are strained during surfing. Surfing requires your ankle, knee, hip, and spine to be strong and flexible. This is achieved through the front squats.

Ring Chin-Ups

This is an essential exercise for your shoulder strength and upper body strength. These are both essential for your paddling. A weak paddling could make you miss your waves. This exercise will take care of that. This exercise can give you the necessary strength for higher speed pulling work.


This is an essential exercise for any surfer. It is good for the strength of the upper body. It strengthens the spine and shoulders, which are very essential for surfing. This could help with your duck dives, pop-ups, and prevention of shoulder injury.

For those who are good at the ground push-ups, you can go for the ring push-up. This requires a lot of maneuverability due to the instability of the rings. If you will still go for the ground push-ups add more load. Elevate your feet or add weight to your back.

Dynamic Lunge

Any action in surfing will have the hips moving and hence the joints need to be strong. Unless you can move your hips properly your surfing will not be perfect. The legs are also placed in different angles and absorbing forces of varying intensity. This is why the dynamic lunge is important.

The above are just a few of the exercises that a surfer needs to practice so that his surfing is easier and powerful. Nobody wants to lose that one chance you get at a wave just because you are not fit.