Learning To Surf

People don’t just learn surfing for fun. Those who learn have this in mind for a long time. They don’t just suddenly decide to learn surfing. It is not such a sport. If you have it in mind to learn surfing it is better to keep a few things in mind.

Surfing is not easy to learn. You are likely to fail more often than succeed, in the initial few months. You are likely to get hurt before you even start to surf properly. If you are willing to endure all these then here are a few tips that might help you.

1. Don’t Learn By Yourself

Surfing is not something you learn by yourself. It is not a sport that you just make a few trials and errors and finally get it right. You have to be taught to surf. Get a friend to teach you or attend a surf camp. If you try by yourself, you are likely to get seriously hurt and you are likely to hurt others. Avoid it.

2. Get A Good Teacher

When you have decided to learn surfing from a teacher, get a good one. Go to the internet and see who are available. Research them well. Ask your friends for reference. Make sure they are experienced in teaching and not just surfing. A good teacher can make you a good surfer and a passionate one.

3. Use A Big Surfboard

This tip is probably the most valuable one. You may be tempted to go for those narrow shiny ones that the experts use. They are not for you. A beginner must always use a big surfboard which will give you good floatation and allow you to paddle. This will help you to catch more waves in the beginning.

4. Get A Soft-Top Board

In the beginning, you will be riding the board sitting. A board with a soft top is better because it will hurt lesser than the fiberglass or epoxy ones even if you fall on them. It is also safer for others.

5. Be On Land First

Spend some time on the beach before you rush into the water, however strong the temptation is. You can do a little stretching. You can also watch the other surfers surfing. Take a good look at the waves and study them.

The above tips will be good for your initial days. These will help you to be a good surfer later on.