Learning The Surf Etiquette

There are rules for games played in groups or against each other. Surfing is a sport that is played individually and not in competition with others. But, surfing is done in groups. A good beach could be pretty crowded if the conditions are good for surfing. For your own sake and for the safety of others, it is better to follow some etiquettes that surfers normally follow.

Observe Right Of Way

When there are so many surfers out there wanting to catch a wave, there should be an unwritten law about who gets to go first. Here is what is followed by the surfers. This is called wave priority.

Farthest Out – The surfer who is farthest out in the sea or the one who has been waiting for the longest time gets the first chance.

Farthest Inside – The next priority goes to the farthest inside or the one closest to the peak of the breaking wave.

First To Feet – Then comes the first one who on his feet or the one who reaches the wave first. 

If the wave is dual-peaking you should listen to the call of “left” or “right’

Don’t Drop In

It is bad manners to cut in front of other surfers and who are up and riding and can get you into trouble with the local surfers.

Don’t Snake

Paddling around someone incessantly to get into the inside position is totally not allowed. This will put everyone in danger. 

Share The Waves

The waves are for everyone. Even if you are able to paddle and reach the farthest position every time you reach the line-up, you should avoid doing it. It is not good manners to hog the waves for oneself. You need to let the others ride the waves too.

Say Sorry

If you do breach the etiquette by dropping in or snaking, it is better to apologize. Good manners are good in all sports and it holds true to surfing too. But, that doesn’t mean you do it every time and apologize.

Respect The Locals

If you are surfing on a beach that is not your regular beach, show respect to the local surfers who are surfing there every day. It is better for yourself and could get you some special benefits. Wait for your time. If you are going as a group don’t mob the surf spots in large numbers. 

Apart from the above etiquettes, keeping the beach clean is something that is applicable for surfers too like the other people who use the beach.