How To Do The Pop-Up Right?

Any surfer can tell you that pop-up is the essential step to catching a wave. Let us see how you can master the pop-up.

Learning The Pop-Up

We know that this is not something taught on paper. It is better to watch the surfers do it at the beach or watch videos of the action. However, let us see the steps. You can practice this at home or on dry land before you try this on water.

First, lie on the ground flat on your stomach. Lie straight. Put your palms by the side at chest level as you do for push-ups. The palms should be at board width apart.

The next thing to do comes to a crouch in one fluid movement. This will, of course, come by practice only. You have to push up using your arms and bring your feet under your body. During this movement, your body should turn away from the board.

The One-Knee-First Method

If you are finding the single fluid movement for the standing up difficult, then there is another slightly easier method. This method will help you stand up on the board a little easier.

While you are lying on the ground on your stomach place the palms on the side of your chest at board width. Raise yourself as you do for the push-ups.

Instead of bringing both legs to a crouching position, slowly drag your feet under your body. You can now carry one of your legs to the crouching position. The other leg should remain with the feet at the end of the board. When you are comfortable on one leg, ensure that your body is turned away from the board.

When the front foot has been firmly placed on the board, you can bring your back leg forward and come to the crouch position. Remember that your body should be turned away from the board at all these times.

Once you have mastered the pop-up or the standing position, then it is time to learn how to position yourself on the board. All these positions constitute your surfing in the whole. All positions are equally important for your surfing to be complete.

While on the subject, a word of caution. If you are practicing the pop-up on the beach on your board, ensure that the fins are not damaged in any way. You can make a small hole in the sand for the fins to fit in.