Get Your Pop Up Perfected

Any surfer will tell you how important your pop up is for catching good ways. You need to be fast and strong if you want to pop up quickly and catch the wave. It will be good to practice your pop up well before you even touch the waters. You can do the pop-up practice at home where it will be more comfortable and nobody will be watching you.

Practicing The Pop-Up

Regular push-ups will certainly help you develop the strength in your arms which are a great help in pop up. Let us see the right way to pop up.

  • Lie down straight on your stomach. 
  • Place your palms at chest level with your arms bent as if going to do push-ups. Keep the palms at board width distance.
  • From the lying position come to a crouched standing position in one fluid movement. You should press your arms and push yourself up. At the same time bring your legs under your body. This should be done really quickly.
  • During this, your body should turn in such a way that your legs and body are facing away from the board.

Practice is what is required to make this movement fast and fluid. You can practice as many times as you want on the ground so that you can be perfect in water.

An Alternate Method

Some people may find bringing their legs under their body as difficult as described away. There is a slightly different way to do it for such people. You can do this by sliding your front foot forward first. Then, holding the board you can come to a crouching position and get both legs in the right position.

Now that you have practiced on the firm ground let us see how we can get this done on water. 

  • When you are lying on the board, place your hands on the rails if you have enough speed to catch a wave. 
  • Holding the rails pull your legs under you. While doing this ensure to twist your body and come to the correct position.
  • Pull your front foot forward till it is in the correct position. Keep the back foot and lower leg at the rear end of the board while you do this.
  • When the front foot is firmly planted in the right position come to the crouched position.

The movements cannot be fully explained in print. Watch the surfers at the beach and keenly observe their movements. You can also watch the videos that are available online in plenty.