How To Choose The Fin Type?

When you approach the wall with so many fins hanging you are sure to get confused. Even the experts shy away from buying a fin, thus missing a lot more fun surfing could give. There are certain things that can help you select the right fin. 

1. Type Of Fin Box

The first thing to see is what kind of fin box your surfboard has. Seeing whether you have a Futures, FCS II or Lib Tech fin box will eliminate a good number of fins that you can select from. This will make the selection easier.

2. Your Weight

Like the surfboards, the selection of your fins also depends a lot on your weight. The sizes start from XS and go up to XL having five different sizes. The fins are marked as per the size and you can select using the size chart. If you are falling very near the cut line, then the selection will depend on how you ride. Those surfers who are aggressive during turns can get a size bigger while those who don’t push much in turns can get the lower size. Another way to do is match the board when you are on the cut line. A board with a narrow tail is best fitted with a smaller fin whereas a wide-tailed surfboard will be better with a bigger size.

3. Wave Types

Selecting the right fin will also depend on what waves you ride on. A fin with a more vertical leading edge will be better for a sharper turn. They are best for turning in limited spaces. The fins with more rake are best for long drawn-out turns. They will feel more solid and stable in turnings with a longer radius. 

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4. What Type Of Surfer Are You?

An aggressive surfer who pushes hard through their turns and surfing in faster and more powerful waves will like a stiff fin made of carbon or solid fiberglass. These fins are stiff and better for the narrower turns. People who like to just flow through their turns will prefer the ones made of plastic fins which are very flexible. These people can also try the fiberglass fins with honeycomb construction. 

Some companies add fin numbers to indicate the speed that the fin can generate. This can also help you to select the fins. Using these criteria should help you to narrow down your selection of fins to an easier number.