How Is Yerba Mate Good For You?

The major health benefits of Yerba Mate include helping in the reduction of body weight, reducing belly fat, an increase of focus of the mind. It is also said to be good in prevention of cancer. There are also a host of other ways Yerba Mate helps in our health.

High Cholesterol

Yerba Mate has been known to decrease blood cholesterol and prevent the hardening of the arteries in a study conducted in rabbits. In another study on thirty patients with high cholesterol, Yerba Mate was better than treating the patients with Statins alone. They showed a decrease in LDL and increase in HDL.


Advanced Glycation end products of AGEs are known to be the contributors to diabetes side-effects like poor blood flow, bad vision, kidney damage and inflammation. AGEs are produced when there is high blood sugar.

Yerba Mate is known to have an effect on the production of AGEs. This is due to the antioxidation properties of the Mate. It is also known to lower blood glucose as was proved in a study conducted in mice. Yerba Mate is also good for lowering of insulin resistance. All these combined make it good for diabetes.

Reduction Of Inflammation

A study conducted on mice with pleurisy or fluid in the lungs showed that Yerba Mate inhibited the inflammation and facilitated the draining away of the fluid. It was also seen to reduce the inflammatory molecules in mice. Yerba Mate also helped in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases in mice.

Kills Microbes

Microbes like bacteria and fungi are the main causes of disease in humans. In experiments conducted on mice, Yerba Mate was known to have killed certain bacteria and fungi. Yerba Mate kills Malassezia furfur thus preventing the occurrence of dandruff, tinea, and eczema. Yerba Mate is also known to prevent food poisoning, Crohn’s disease, meningitis, gastro, and cellulitis by killing E. Coli and Staph. Aureus. It also stopped the growth of H. Pylori which is the reason for the damage to the lining of the stomach.

It Protects The Liver

Yerba Mate has been known to be good for the liver. Yerba Mate stimulates bile flow and prevented the formation of gallstones. It is also seen to have prevented the enlargement of the spleen and inflammation of the stomach in mice. It also prevented liver inflammation in mice.

Right from the days when the Indians used to consume Yerba Mate it has always been considered as having many health benefits for humans.