Getting The Paddling Basics Right

Anyone who knows anything about surfing will surely know what is paddling. It is the thing you do when you are neither standing nor sitting on your surfboard. It is just lying on your stomach on the board waiting to catch the next wave. Paddling is significant movement in surfing, and you should be good at it if you want to find the waves.

Importance Of Paddling

Paddling is essential because that is how you will catch the waves. If you cannot paddle well enough to break the waves and go beyond, you will never catch a wave. Now you know how important it is to be good at paddling.

You cannot be slow at paddling. If you are slow, others will race you to the waves. The longer you take to paddle you are more likely to be hit by the crashing waves. This will make you more tired. Then it will be even more difficult for you to paddle to catch the waves.

How To Do Paddling

When you learn about paddling, there are two main things to know. You should know how to paddle, and you should also know where to position yourself on the surfboard. Both of these are essential factors.

Paddling is done in almost the same fashion in all kinds of boards. There may be slight variation with a longboard. But that is not a big thing. We should first learn the position. You will know your correct position only after a few tries. You may find the board popping out of you the first few times. It is better to practice the paddling in a spot where you won’t disturb the other surfers.

You should not worry about the waves coming crashing at you. You are likely to be sent back to the shore many times. You should not get frustrated. Your concentration should be on getting the right position and not allowing the board to pop out from under you.

The right way is to position your body along the center of the surfboard. You should then raise your feet slightly above the end of the board. You should be positioned towards the back of the board in such a way that the nose of the board is lifted above the water by a few inches. But don’t move too much to the back, or you will create too much of a drag.

It will take a few times to get it right. It is better to have a longer and wider board when you begin.