Check Before You Jump Into The Sea

There are certain precautions every surfer should observe before he or she jumps on to the board and paddles into the sea. These will help you get a good surfing experience. 

1. Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep is essential for any surfer. If you sleep well, you will have a fresh day. You will not feel groggy or tired. Being tired is the worst thing that can happen when surfing. You should be in your perfect form if you want to take the waves and get back to the shore safely. Surfing needs your full energy.

2. Warm Up Before You Enter The Sea

It is better to warm up at the beach before you enter the sea. It will make you agiler to face the waves. Do a few squats on the beach or few dog yoga stretches as these will help you greatly in your surfing. 

3. Keep Your Car Keys Safe

If you are wondering why this is important for surfing, we can only tell you that surfing with a nagging thought at the back of your mind whether your car will be there when you get back, isn’t the best way to surf. Invest in a surf lock. If you are carrying a non-electronic key, you can carry it in your leg rope or pocket.

4. Wear Sun Protection

There is no point getting burned for the sake of enjoying surfing. It is better to get good sun protection. You can use a cream containing Zinc and Titanium. You can also use a wetsuit and surf hat to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

5. Check Your Gear

This is always a good thing to do before you get into the sea. Check the leash and see if it securely attached. Check the rail saver if it is frayed or damaged. You should also check the fins if they are of the removable type. These tend to get loose over time. 

6. Observe Where You Are Surfing

It is better to identify a landmark when you start paddling. There may be a house or a tree or a path leading to the beach. You could use them to know if you are drifting. Even if you have drifted away. You can use these landmarks to get back to shore. 

7. Know Your Strength

This is very important. You should know your strength and attempt to surf only where you are sure you can manage the waves.