Catching Your First Wave

It is any surfers dream to catch the wave and ride on it. Of course, you have to master paddling and pop-up before you come to catch the wave. Let us see how you can catch the wave and what are the best methods for it. It is better to learn the pop-up before you learn to catch the wave so that you are ready to stand up once you have caught the wave.

Start Surfing

In the beginning, it is better to try the smaller and gentler waves. These are the small breaking waves that you can reach walking. You should hold your board at arm’s length from you. Ensure that the waves cannot knock the board on your face. Keep one hand on each rail. When the waves are breaking jump over the whitewater on to the board.

Please ensure that you are neither too close in front or back of someone because either of you could lose grip of the board and hurt the other.

Time To Catch The Wave

Now that you have reached a depth that is good enough to catch the waves, you can prepare to catch your first one. You must be at a place where the whitewater is rolling towards the beach. Keep the board at your side with the nose facing the beach. You must be on the lookout for a wave that can pick you up. You should be able to assess the size and make sure it can carry you.

It is here that a beginners’ board will help you a lot. A beginners’ board is long and broad. It will have enough volume to be able to catch even small waves. If you have a beginners’ board, then a small wave is enough to lift you up and carry you to the beach. You won’t even have to paddle to the wave.

Once the wave is about to reach you, push the board down and towards the beach. Jump on it at the same time and lie on your stomach in the paddling position. As the wave comes from behind you, paddle with your arms. You will feel the wave pick you up gradually. You can feel yourself rise with the wave. You will also feel yourself moving towards the beach at a higher speed. You will realize at that moment that you have caught your first wave.

There may some problems you may encounter that will need to be corrected. But for now, you can feel happy about catching the first wave.