Buying Your First Surfboard

Once you have decided that surfing is your thing, the next thing is to get a surfboard. The boards that expert surfers ride sure do look good, but they are not for the beginners. You will need something that will keep you stable and help you to learn your first lessons. We will see a few tips on how to buy your first surfboard.

1. What Type Of Surfer Are You?

This has a lot of importance on the kind of surfboard that you are going to buy. You should buy a board that should suit your body weight, age, and fitness. You should also buy a board that is suitable for the kind of waves that your beach has.

2. Buy Your First Board Cheap

It is not worth spending a lot on your first surfboard which you will certainly ding and scratch a lot. Go for one that is cheap. You will get a lot of used ones. Take care that there is no ding that shows the foam inside or there is any delamination. Pay as little as possible for your first board.

3. Buy The Thick And Broad One

The thin narrow ones are for the experts. For the beginner, it is better to have it thick and broad. It should be one that allows you maximum floatation. You should choose one that will allow for easy paddling. A beginner should look for a board that is around 7 feet long and 19 inches wide. The thickness should be around 2-3 inches. But then the exact size should depend on your body weight. Your regular board shop should be able to advise you better on this.

4. Shape Of The Board

For a beginner, the shape of the board doesn’t matter much. You should also not worry about the number of fins that the board has. For the first 5-6 months, you are not going to do any turns or maneuvers. This means you shouldn’t worry about fins or tail shape. Even if your surfboard only has one fin it doesn’t matter. These parts will make a difference only once you have become an expert. You needn’t worry about these at this stage.

The best thing to do is to buy a board from a friend who has already progressed to the next level. You can try the local shop for used boards that will come cheap. The idea is to get it as cheap as possible without much damage.