Buying Your First Custom Surfboard

Many people will think about having to pay a heavy price when you mention custom surfboard. It need not be so. When you buy directly from a shaper it eliminates the middlemen. It is not always very expensive to get a custom surfboard. The advantage is that you can get it made exactly as you want. Buying a good custom surfboard isn’t all that difficult. Let us see a few things that could make your buying a custom surfboard easier.

1. Get Your Basics Right

The first thing to know is what type of surfboard you want to buy. Basically, there are four types of surfboards. The Shortboard is for the pros. They have great maneuverability and are good for big waves. The Fish is shaped like a fish and is wider than the shortboard. It is more stable and is good for small and medium-sized surf. The longboard is longer and wider and is for the beginners. The funboard is in between the longboard and shortboard and is right for all kinds of surfers.

2. Find The Right Shaper

Once you have identified the type of surfboard you want to buy, you should get a good shaper. Each shaper is good for each type of board. Find out the one who is good to make your board. Ask around about the shaper. Some friends who have already used him or her can help you with the selection. You could also search the internet and see the reviews if any. It is important to tell him in as much detail as possible what you want on your surfboard.

3. Know The Volume

The quality of surfing depends on the size of the surfboard. It is all about length, width, thickness, and volume. A decent volume will help you paddle better. You can use online volume calculators to see what volume you should be having. 

4. Stick To Your Needs

You don’t have to give in to every suggestion the shaper makes just because he is making the board for you. You can take his suggestions but stick to your requirements. You are the one who is going to surf and you should have the final word on it. Finalize everything very clearly so that you get what you wanted.

5. The Material

Surfboards are made of different materials. For a custom board, it is better to be molded boards because they can take a little more rough handling. 

Protect your custom surfboard from the elements so that they stay good for a longer time.