Becoming The Paddling Expert

Any surfer will tell you how great paddling is. You may first find it difficult to balance, but that will get solved fast. You may want to keep your feet a little apart in the beginning to get a better balance. If you move your arms smoothly, it is not too complicated. You should take care that the nose of the surfboard doesn’t dip into the water at any point.

Let us see some common problems that beginners encounter.

The Nose Dipping In

This is a common problem most beginners face. The nose of the board dips into the water making it difficult for you to move forward. There is also the possibility that the surfboard will pop out of you from the back. To avoid this, you should move backward on the board and ensure that the nose is above the water by a few inches.

The Shooting Board

Sometimes you will experience your boarding shooting in front of you, leaving you behind. This is another common problem being faced. You don’t have to worry about it. The reason may be that you are too far back on the board. Move a little forward, and the problem will be solved. You may also be leaning backward too much. Correct it.

Another reason could be that your board has not been appropriately waxed. A good coat of wax will give the necessary traction. Otherwise, your board could be very slippery.

The Deadweight

Sometimes you may feel that your board is not moving at all. You may as well be paddling on a waterbed. This is because you are positioned too back on the board. This will create too much drag and won’t allow for easy movement. You will feel that the board is a deadweight not moving forward at all.

To correct this problem, you have to move a little forward on the board. This will allow for the nose to come down a little and reduce the drag. You should remember that the nose of the board should only be a little above the water. That is how you can paddle fast.

It is essential to get your paddling right. Only with a fast paddling can you go fast to catch the waves. You may see other surfers sitting on their boards waiting at the line up to find the next wave. Don’t get tempted to join them. It is better to master your paddling before you go to catch the waves.